Hello! Welcome to my website.
On this page you can find links to my github, twitter, linkedin, email, and blog.

About Me

I'm a student in the UK studying a degree in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Liverpool. In my free time I like running, hiking, climbing, programming (see github), breaking various electronics, and playing around with linux.

Programming I've done

The more notable projects on my github include a neural network in C++, a network visualiser I wrote in C, an XOR encryptor that I wrote while learning C++, and a very simple file carver, which I have yet to finish.
My A Level Computer Science project was a neural network that can recognise faces in images, written in C++, source code and a writeup are available on request.
There's also a Formula 1 race leaderboard lookup tool, but I wrote it a while ago so I'm not certain if it still works as it did in the 2019 season.
You can see more of my code on my github.

Personal skills/experience