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About Me

I'm a student studying Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Liverpool. Currently primarily interested in the crossover between electronics and the life sciences, particularly medical tech. Previous experience includes software development in a professional team, technical education, university electronics projects and home projects spanning hardware and software. Skilled in C++, Python, Javascript and Java, and have familiarity in other languages including Bash, Verilog, ARM Assembly and C.

In my free time I like running, hiking, climbing, programming (see github), making/breaking various electronics, and playing around with linux.

Work Experience



My course allows me to choose some modules, and I've taken a heavier lean towards the electronics side rather than computer science. In my first two years, projects included designing a car which travels to areas of darkness with a light on top to illuminate them, and a device which records atmospheric data to provide routefinding based on air quality rather than distance. These have also been supplemented by assignments which contained smaller projects, such as writing software engineering documents, writing SQL to manage a database for a shop, carrying out leader election and network communication algorithms in java, designing and building a multi-stage amplifier circuit, programming an FPGA in verilog, and many other smaller labs and assignments.

My final year project/dissertation is an imaging system which uses infrared light to image veins beneath the skin. As of September 2022, I haven't started yet but when it's done, this page will be updated with more details.

Extra curricular

Outside of my academic life, I'm the President of the Liverpool University Mountaineering Club (LUMC) for the 2022/23 year, after being the Gear Secretary in 2021/22. I also spent some time with the University of Liverpool Association for Space Engineering & Research (LASER) in late 2021 and 2022, where I worked on the initial research for their Cubesat projects. I also took part in a workshop provided by the National Medtech Foundation which taught me a lot about the medical device market, and piqued an interest in medical technology, an area I had never considered beforehand. This also lead me to meet a medical student who provided the idea for my final year project!

Previous Education

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